1957 Hanson Love Bug Camper's Delight

 This is our first trailer child, the sweetest little horseshoe shaped diamond-in-the-rough that started it all.  This is how it looked the day we brought it home:

And here's a view of the street side: 
The truck gives a good idea of just how small this trailer is. It is only 10 feet long including the hitch!
When we brought home our little green trailer we had no idea what it was. The previous owner told us it was a 1955 Serro Scotty. This was not only wrong, but impossible. So what was it? We spent hours and hours looking at pictures of trailers, and came up empty. None of them looked like ours. And ours had no badges or nameplates and no identifying marks of any kind. We started looking for clues inside the trailer. Nothing stood out except the magazine rack. That was unusual.
So after going back and looking through interior photos for about a million trailers, I finally found photos of a trailer with the same magazine rack and the same light fixtures. It was a Hanson Love Bug. It was not the same trailer model as ours but at least we had found something. Our trailer had to be a Hanson!
To date, I have only seen photos of two other trailers like ours. Earlier this year, I was able to make contact with one of the owners. She has been incredibly helpful and because of her, we now know that our trailer is a Hanson Love Bug 'Camper's Delight'.

More 'first day' photos...
"Black Elvis"
one dinette bench
view from the doorway 
kitchen cabinets
mirror and closet
carpeted fridge

stove and sink

table attached to murphy bed